Palatti is an artist-run group that organises exhibitions on specific sites in an international context. During the Palatti projects, the artists work on location weeks before the opening to prepare the site-specific work for the exhibition and engage in lectures and other activities that stimulate exchange.

The creation of works in situ is considered an essential part of the project. Through guest lectures, workshops and studio visits the artists aim to stimulate a dialogue with their hosts, local artists and art students.

The group is an informal network of visual artists from different nationalities, working in different countries, using different media. The foundation of the collaboration was laid at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands, where most of them met during their studies.

Palatti interacts with a diverse group of artists within the settings of a local art community. Palatti can be seen as a framework and catalyst for experience and interaction. Between the Palatti members, as they leave their studios behind and live and work closely together in an unfamiliar context, they exchange new ideas and inspirations. The artists absorb the physical and cultural environment through field trips and studio visits, offering presentations and workshops.














Palatti has worked in Leipzig, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Chongqing, Kosovo, San Lucar de Barrameda in Spain and in Berlin.

Recently Palatti has been working on a publication as a follow-up project to the residency 2013 at 'Birli' in Wald AR in Switzerland. Release: January 2015.